Naples – Private flat in Monte di Dio

This flat is in one of the most suggestive areas of Naples. Its big terrace offers a stunning view of the Gulf of Naples and makes the apartment extremely bright and welcoming. The design arranged between clients and our interior designers is a contemporary and refined design, with antique furnishings that balance everything: iconic design pieces balance perfectly classic-style décor. The living area is the hub of the home, with its mezzanine floor with an iron structure and a floor surface with some segments made out of glass that allows you to see downstairs and to get much more light than what you would normally get in loft areas. The most intimate area of the house becomes a space to enjoy the wonderful view of the city. All the details, from the suspended staircase to access the studio and the sleeping area, to the pivoting and sliding doors, are what make this house so unique and such an exciting challenge for an interior designer.