Naples – Filangieri Civic Museum

One of the most important restoration projects Graphite has carried out the last few years is the conservative restoration work on all the wooden artefacts inside the Filangieri Civic Museum. Restoration works have been carried on veneered furniture in oak and fir: many display tables (both simple and inlaid with ivory), glass-fronted cabinets, pedestals, cabinets, and the grand desk inside the Museum Library. As for the hallway floor of the upper walk corridor, the external steps, and the lining of the walls for inside the Sala Agata and the Library, our restorers were able to completely recover the beech, walnut and mahogany panels that are applied all over these areas. The subject of restoration were also all the handrails and display cases. The general restoration project of the building has been elaborated by the Archit. Lo Gatto and Archit. Naviglio.