Naples – Restoration of a painting inside “Ogaden” Carabinieri station

The painting is located inside the “Ogaden” Carabinieri station. The artwork, made by the artist Fallisi in the 1930s, has remarkable dimensions (170 x 220 cm) and is a faithful reproduction of a 1937 postcard made for colonial propaganda. In the scene, there is a Carabiniere in colonial attire and a Zaptié. The picture is oil on masonite, a material made through an industrial process that involves wood chips. The painting has been exposed for years in a waiting room inside the “Ogaden” station. This exposition to deteriorating agents, such as dust and smoke, led it to be covered by a thick layer of loose material that altered its colour (as it shows clearly in the test anchors). In addition to this degradation, some openings have been found, typical of xylophagous organisms. The cleaning of this painting has been carried out by mechanical means – such as wishab gum and scalpel – and chemical ones – like solvents and surfactants dispersed in a wax emulsion. The openings were filled with coloured stucco, and the intervention has ended with a final protective layer. In addition to Graphite as a restoration and conservation company, several institutions supported the operation of such an important artwork: the City of Naples, the Department of Archaeology, Fine Arts and the Landscape of the City of Naples and the DataBenc company.